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DesignIntelligence looks at many facets of architecture education by gathering viewpoints from different groups, including professionals who hire architecture graduates; deans, program chairs and department heads in architecture schools; as well as current students and recent graduates. Together, these groups offer a more rounded picture of architecture education.

How Architecture Firms Evaluate Graduates - The architectural firms that answered our survey let us know how well students are prepared for entry into the field. We asked these firms several key questions:

Architecture Deans' Insights - We asked deans, program chairs and department heads of architecture schools who shape architectural education about the significant changes they see in architecture course offerings over the past 3 years. Here are their top 10 areas of change.

Architecture Students' Satisfaction - Students and recent graduates of architecture programs have given us their unique perspective on the skills they learn, the quality of their programs' facilities and technology, and much more. The following survey responses lend us some context into the viewpoint of architecture students:

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